1. Ep. 59: George Siegal, Move The World Films Kate Cherichello 18:38

Today’s guest reminds us not to just talk about something but to do something.

George Siegal is a documentary filmmaker and creator of ‘Tell Us How To Make It Better’ podcast.

Overarching theme you’ll hear today: solutions. Tackling the problems we often fall into only venting about.

Additionally, George has such an interesting trajectory to where he is now. He was a weather anchor, interviewed all sorts of people, and now hear how this has fed into what he does now as a filmmaker and podcast host.

Other highlights:

  • -Why we need a solution mindset and how “Tell Us How To Make It Better” is focused on this idea
  • -Details on how a documentary 📽️ gets made
  • -The necessity of showing many different viewpoints, even if it takes over a year to get these people interviewed
  • -How George got through days on end on-air covering storms and other events
  • -“Give me a lever big enough and I can move the world.”

Join me each week as I chat with someone being the good through following their passions and helping others along the way.

Each of us has the power to make a difference.

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