1. Ep. 43: Dr. Gillian Velmer, Sing Aphasia Kate Cherichello 38:29

Founder and Director of Sing Aphasia, Dr. Gillian Velmer, joins me today on Be The Good with Kate.  

Aphasia is a language disorder that can occur after a brain injury, often stroke. Gillian, a speech language pathologist, saw how music so positively affects patients with aphasia and is now bringing together people dealing with communication disorders through music and community.  

Gillian tells us how people often have trouble with speaking and writing when they have aphasia, but their intelligence is still just as strong as it once was. It is a devastating diagnosis, as so much of our lives revolve around how we communicate.  

How incredible is the power of music: We often hear about left vs right sides of the brain, but music actually is found across the brain. When people engage in music in some way, it lights up the brain. 

Listen as Gillian tells us more about the benefits!  

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