1. Ep. 27: Tarryn Steyn, I Hope I Get It, South Africa-based Actor Kate Cherichello 24:58

This week’s episode of Be The Good with Kate features such a neat insight into the performing world, the arts in South Africa, and the power of following your passions even through a pandemic. Meet Tarryn Steyn, host of I Hope I Get It the podcast, actor, and singer. She is an absolute delight. So much cheer and ‘good vibes’, despite an industry that constantly requires adapting and being ready for anything.

When the show she was filming stopped and South Africa (and most of the world) shut down, Tarryn found another way to continue being a part of the entertainment industry and helping others along the way. She took the advice of “don’t wait, create” and started I Hope I Get It, chatting with actors around the world about auditions and other performing experiences.

Whether you are an actor or in an entirely different profession, I love how relevant this all is– to life and to career. How we interact with people, how we deal with rejection, how we interview…Tarryn delves into these topics as well as interesting insights into the performing world throughout our conversation.


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