1. Ep. 100: Season Finale, A Look Back Kate Cherichello 6:36

While I’ve known what to do for the countdown to 100 for months now, the actual 100th episode was a mystery to me. I’m a one-person team, so the idea of taking my favorite moments of each episode and compiling into one fabulous master episode was beautiful- but also very impractical. Did I mention I was going to be giving birth any day while I wrapped up the countdown?  But I so wanted to leave you listeners with something to bring this wonderful season of guests to a close. Hope the following inspires someone out there today!

And as an aside, baby boy did beat the countdown to 100– He arrived a few days before his due date, on August 31, healthy and happy here in New York City. We are sleep deprived but oh so grateful! 

After this episode, Be The Good with Kate will be going on a season hiatus for a bit. During this time I’ll continue to share about prior guests and episodes on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as well as other good news moments, so if you would like to continue to be motivated by these extraordinary yet ordinary so to speak humans, the links to follow me are in the show notes– but also expect some baby content, because how will I be able to resist that?

Be The Good with Kate began as a way to both bring some lightness to a dark time in the height of the pandemic, and as a way for me, an actor and host, to continue to utilize those muscles of working on camera and via audio. I have always loved interviewing people unofficially– always asking people more about their lives and what they do. And this became a beautiful way to incorporate that love. 

What started as reaching out to a few people I know who are making the world a better place in various ways that I wanted to highlight because I knew they would inspire others as well, turned into nearly 100 interviews with people from around the world, from all backgrounds, all of whom are following their passions and making a difference along the way– the key theme of this podcast. And there is a long waiting list of guests who have reached out wanting to be on the show as well! I am blown away by the support as well as the constant reminders of the good all around us, especially when it feels we are so often bogged down by the negative.

In all, some of the top takeaways that essentially every single guest gave us, each in their own words, from their own journeys, from their own industries, are universal pieces of wisdom:

-Follow your passions, even if –or rather when– that means taking risks

-Go out of your comfort zone, that is where growth is

-Learn along the way. The adage, it’s about the journey not the destination, holds very true for these guests. Career changes, life obstacles, heart break and joy along the way, all play a role into what each person is today, and will continue as each moves forward in life.

-We each have the power to make a difference while following our purpose in life. It may take time to uncover, it will definitely take looking inward and thinking about what fuels us, but it is all worth it. 

-Making a difference doesn’t have to be in big, sweeping ways. We can affect positive change around us in all sorts of ways. 

Thank you to each of you for listening. If you have a moment, this show grows best through word of mouth and sharing a link to one of your favorite episodes with a friend. Every share, every comment you send me on social and via email, every review all mean the world to me. Thank you for supporting Be The Good with Kate’s journey thus far. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see more of in the upcoming season, and I look forward to what is to come!

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