1. 312 | How to Launch & Grow an Impact Fund with Tanya Beja Paul Zelizer 45:46

Our guest this week on the pod is Tanya Beja.  Tanya is a serial entrepreneur passionate about for profits with a social conscience and non-profits with a sustainable business model.  She is a General Partner at AlleyCorp where she leads the Social Impact Team.

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Paul Zelizer Social Entrepreneur Coach and Host of the Awarepreneurs Podcast

Since 1993, Paul Zelizer has worked with and led programs for 30,000+ leaders working for positive change in and through their organizations. He started his business in 2008, making him one of the first business coaches to focus on the needs of social entrepreneurs and impact business leaders.

In 2017, he founded Awarepreneurs as a way to amplify the practices successful social enterprise leaders use. Today he is best known as host of the Awarepreneurs Podcast, one of the world’s leading social entrepreneur podcasts. Paul maintains a busy coaching and consulting practice working with impact focused founders, leaders and companies.