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Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs: The Key to Meeting the Universe Halfway

  1. Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs: The Key to Meeting the Universe Halfway mooseletoe 23:41

Our beliefs shape our reality, but often we hold onto limiting beliefs that hold us back from meeting the universe halfway and creating the life we desire. In today’s episode, we will explore how to identify and break through these limiting beliefs, opening up new possibilities for growth and manifestation. Learn to face your fears, and be willing to let them go. Take one small step toward your dream. The Universe will meet you halfway. 

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Melissa Oatman is from Collinsville, Illinois. In addition to teaching German, Melissa is a healer, channeler, spiritual teacher, and intuitive. She hosts Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness, a weekly podcast dedicated to improving lives and deepening spirituality. She is the author of Beautifully Broken, the spiritual woman’s guide to thriving after a divorce or break up. She is also the author of the book "Beauitful Mourning" a Guide to Life After Loss. This single mother of twins is passionate about travel, education, and family.

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