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July 8th, 2024

From Sugar Addiction to Vibrant Living : A Guide for Menopausal Women with Tanya Willis

  1. From Sugar Addiction to Vibrant Living : A Guide for Menopausal Women with Tanya Willis Mary Lee 47:34

Did you know there are secrets to embrace Midlife with curiosity, compassion, and courage

In this episode of All Things Menopausal, Mary sits down with Tanya Willis, a fellow podcaster and experienced health, fitness, and wellness coach. Tanya shares her journey of overcoming sugar addiction and explores the vital roles of movement, mindset, nutrition, and holistic wellness. 

We delve into the power of using one’s voice to connect with clients through podcasting, the significance of community, and continuous learning in achieving a vibrant, energetic life. Tanya emphasizes the importance of curiosity, compassion, and being non-judgmental in navigating Menopause and living a fulfilled life. 

Here insights you will learn from this show:

  1. Understanding sugar addiction and emotional eating
  2. The power of self awareness and mindset shifts
  3. The role and benefit of Coaching to overcome obstacles
  4. Understanding food energy and how to make empowering nutritional choices
  5. What building a strong nutrition and wellness foundation entails
  6. Embracing simple shifts and learning from mistakes
  7. Why connecting through community is so vital for living a vibrant life


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Meet your host:

Mary is a certified Menopause Doula and Licensed Menopause Champion with Menopause Experts Group. She supports high-achieving GenX women power through her transition – peri to post.

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Disclaimer: Information shared is for educational and entertainment purposes only and doesn’t replace medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare professional(s).


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Mary Helen Lee Licensed Menopause Champion, Menopause Doula

Mary is a retired veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces serving more than 24 years. Since retiring from service, Mary worked as a PR practitioner in numerous industries, including healthcare, education, aviation, government, mining, bio innovation, and life sciences.

She has an insatiable appetite for knowledge, especially in health and wellness. In fact, Mary has pursued fitness and wellness as a side hustle for close to 30 years. In this field, she has been in contact with many women experiencing the same issue - perimenopause. The story is always the same, complaints about weight gain, sleeplessness, brain fog, hot flashes, mood swings, and issues with digestion. It came to her that this is an area that sadly lacks information and support, and that more resources are needed to empower women in their journey.

Motivated by her own negative encounter with the misogynistic views and lack of knowledge and empathy for women's health issues, Mary has made it her mission to debunk the misunderstanding and mistruths about women’s health.

Mary haphazardly came across the Menopause Doula certification course and promptly enrolled with Doula Training Centre based in Toronto, Canada. Since completing the program Mary has continued in her learning journey with numerous other qualifications including Ayurveda Principles, Menopause 2.0 with Dr. Stacy Sims, Brain Health for Menopause with Dr. Fiona Lovely, Women’s Health Coaching Certification through Girls Gone Strong, and Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury through the Love Your Brain Foundation.

Mary is the owner of Emme Elle Coaching and host of All Things Menopausal Podcast, a podcast that features guest experts in the field of menopause and hormone health - from the physical and mental to the emotional and spiritual.

You can find Mary at and on Instagram at @emme_elle_coaching

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