1. Dr. Reynolds A. Kairus aka "Dr. Rey" From NYC Streets to Medical Doctor Enriched Life Home Care Services 50:29

All Home Care Matters was honored to welcome, Dr. Reynolds A. Kairus or also known as “Dr. Rey” as a guest to the show.


Dr. Rey was raised in the 1990s by a single mother, on government assistance and living in a poverty-stricken NYC neighborhood. Nine out of ten of the people he was raised with are either dead, in jail or have been to jail. His father figures were loved ones who were in and out of correctional facilities, gangster movies and gangster rap artist. After several benign run-ins with the law and near-death experiences, he decided to get his act together.


Dr. Rey became an emergency medical technician in 2003. He started considering the possibility of becoming a physician in 2004, although he secretly thought that a person with his upbringing and social class couldn’t make this monumental achievement happen. After being introduced to the “Self-Improvement” section of Barnes and Noble, he began to realize the potential that he had – the potential we all have.


Receiving mentorship through books and high-level individuals allowed him to pursue the goal to become a medical doctor.


After graduating, the stress of not practicing medicine immediately, not working, considering eating food out the garbage, being on government assistance again, being a family of 4 while living in a room the size of a closet, being 60 pounds overweight, the initiation of an inevitable divorce, being surrounded by negative energy, amongst other things…. was overwhelming.


That is when he got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Dr. Rey then leaned on a healthy lifestyle as a safe haven and sought mentorship, started tracking his macronutrient intake, became conscious of the negative self-talk, took up martials arts and weightlifting.


Now you’ll note a man who got his life back, is confident, living his dreams, full of energy and living life on his terms and Dr. Rey wishes the same for you!

Lance A. Slatton CSCM Host of The Nation's Leading Voice in Long-Term Care Issues

Lance has worked at Enriched Life Home Care Services as a Senior Case Manager for over 8 years and has been the host of All Home Care Matters since its inception in 2020.

Lance finds joy in helping families and those needing care and support. This led Lance and the team at Enriched Life Home Care Services to create All Home Care Matters in 2020 to act as a continuation of the work that they have been doing for families and communities throughout Southeastern Michigan.

This commitment to the families and communities in Michigan has led Enriched Life Home Care Services being recognized and awarded the #1 home care provider in Michigan for the past 5 years in a row.

As host of All Home Care Matters he is always looking for ways to help listeners and viewers to find and have the information, resources, and support that they need as they face long-term care issues and letting them know that they are not alone.

Lance also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for a senior center in Monroe County, Michigan.