1. With Dyslexia I felt stupid, that’s truly how I felt. You feel less than other people, but the truth is with dyslexia our brains work in a different way with Shona O'Callaghan Sheila West 40:25

Being diagnosed with dyslexia in her 2nd year of university enabled Shona to understand that her brain was processing information in a different way

The feeling of imposter syndrome that you don’t quite fit in and didn’t deserve to be there

From a background in teaching Shona has started her business helping to empower creative minds

Helping teachers give support to students and to realise their full potential, dyslexia is not just reading and writing, it’s personal calculation, organisation, concentration, speaking and pronunciation.www.empoweringcreativeminds.com Shona@empoweringcreativeminds.com⁠

Online Course for teachers ‘How to confidently and effectively teach dyslexic learners in the multilingual classroom https://workshop.empoweringcreativeminds.com/masterclass1 

Parents Support Community membership https://workshop.empoweringcreativeminds.com/roadmap-for-parents

Instagram: @Empoweringcreativeminds2021, YouTube: Empowering Creative Minds https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGk6KwT-N_Mi5QIqi0BRHg

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My name is Sheila currently living in Spain and enjoying my life in Valencia. My idea was to have conversations with interesting people and get those stories told.

I never knew what to expect when I began my podcast over two years ago, the conversations I have had are stories with laughter, tears and a great insight into the lives of amazing people.  So to bring the two together is just sheer joy.