1. How hypnotherapy can rewire your brain and help you let go of negative beliefs that you are holding onto in just 3 sessions with Hypnotherapist Alex Sheila West 32:33

Why are more people turn to hypnotheraphy rather than medication?

Hypnotherapy can unlock the real reason that is holding us back by discovering and unlocking those incorrect beliefs and connections.

Sessions can be done face to face and online with equal success.

Anxieties | Alex Janisch Hypnotherapy,NLP and life coaching


My name is Sheila currently living in Spain and enjoying my life in Valencia. My idea was to have conversations with interesting people and get those stories told.

I never knew what to expect when I began my podcast over two years ago, the conversations I have had are stories with laughter, tears and a great insight into the lives of amazing people.  So to bring the two together is just sheer joy.