1. From Single Mom to TikTok Star: Kim Muench Shares her Wisdom Beverley Glazer 36:23

Discover the inspiring journey of Kim Muench, who went from being a single mother at the tender age of 18 to becoming a Certified Parenting Coach and a TikTok influencer, and a guiding light for parents.

In this heartwarming episode, Kim opens up about the struggles and triumphs of raising five children. With raw honesty, she discusses her eldest son’s battle with alcohol addiction and how this turning point affected her life. Kim shares her unique approach to parenting with intention, focusing on education and support to raise adolescents into adulthood with compassion rather than control.

In this episode, Kim Muench shares how she turned personal adversity into a platform, engaging a large TikTok following where she shares tips for those facing similar challenges. As an author of a #1 bestselling book on Amazon and a veteran parent coach, Kim’s mission to foster healthy, happy family relationships with parents and their kids.

Click to be part of Kim’s enlightening conversation, packed with actionable insights that has captured the hearts of 150k TikTok followers and counting.

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