1. 060. 96 Years Young, World War II Vet, the MOST Inspirational Senior I know: meet Doug Brown 35:41

With a podcast called Aging in Style, it’s only fitting to welcome a guest who embodies the concept so fully. That’s why Senior Services Expert Lori Williams welcomes Doug Brown: Great Depression baby, World War II veteran, and current refurbisher of computers … who is 96 years young.

Though he’s nearly 100, Doug says he feels at least 20 years younger. His secret? Staying busy. Along with words of wisdom (such as “Volunteer or die”), he shares his tactics for longevity and the importance of living an active life – both mentally and physically. You’ll be fascinated as you hear about his life with his wife Claire, his typical schedule and how he stayed busy during quarantine.

Takeaways from this episode:

– Having a purpose in life keeps you alive and doing good things; staying busy is the key to happiness.

– If you don’t volunteer or find some way to stay active, you’ll start to go downhill. Likewise, if you let your mind go, then your health follows.

– Once you start doing something, it’s easy to keep doing it – it’s just the initial inertia that can be difficult to overcome.

– You must have companionship where you’re exposed to new ideas, thoughts, and (polite!) disagreements.

– Doing something physical may be difficult, but the minute you stop doing it completely, then it becomes impossible for you to do anymore.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Topics discussed:

– Retirement activities

– Senior volunteer work

– Learning new skills

– Staying active throughout life

– Finding purpose in old age

– Physical fitness

– Staying sharp

Lori Williams Senior Living Expert & Host of the Podcast, Aging in Style

Owner/Founder of Lori Williams - Senior Services. I’ve worked in senior living for over 16 years. My passion for learning all I could about aging, dementia and resources for older adults was inspired by my grandmother who was diagnosed with dementia in 1994. I am also the creator and host of the podcast, Aging in Style. The purpose of the podcast is to educate on all things senior related and to share stories of inspirational seniors.

I have a degree in Marketing from LSU, and I am a Certified Senior Advisor and a Certified Dementia Practitioner.