1. 056. The importance of maintaining Exercise, Health and Vitality as we age 18:59

The topic of exercise might not be your favorite – and maybe the act itself is something you’re putting off (myself included!). But no matter your age, exercise in some form offers plenty of benefits for your heart, lungs, and joints. Plus, it can make balance and mobility easier for seniors, which is especially helpful for preventing a nasty fall.

Physical Therapist Dr. Matthew Bonander is the author of Exercise, Health and Vitality: A Science-Based Guide for Adults and Older. The book was a labor of love during the pandemic and draws from his experience helping seniors recover from surgery, neurological events like strokes, and more. He speaks with Senior Services Expert Lori Williams about:

– His profession and what inspired him to write his book

– What readers can learn from Exercise, Health and Vitality

– Tips for balance and preventing falls

And more.

Takeaways from this episode:

– Exercise and movement are important in preventing health issues as well as improving your overall state of being – even in your 90s.

– Medicare will pay for home health treatment if it’s ordered by your physician. It’s a common therapy for home bound people who have Parkinson’s or are recovering from strokes, a fall or surgery.

– Exercise, Health and Vitality by Dr. Matthew Bonander is divided into chapters focusing on different joints in the body, like neck or shoulders, and how to take care of them.

– You should perform exercises under the care of a professional or have a Caregiver to watch over you for safety.

– Consider fall prevention by making sure there’s enough lighting where you walk, you’re wearing appropriate shoes, and you’re using an assistive device like a walker if needed.

Topics discussed:

– Exercise for seniors

– Maintaining balance

– Walkers / mobility devices

– Physical therapy

– Home health

– Fall prevention

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Advanced Rehab Trust:

Dr. Matthew Bonander’s book ‘Exercise, Health and Vitality: A Concise, Science-Based Guide for Adults and Older Adults’:

Dr. Matthew Bonander:


Fall Prevention:


Medicaid vs Medicare:


How to senior proof a home:


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