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July 8th, 2024

ZACH HESTERBERG – Set More Appointments with this AI Bot

  1. ZACH HESTERBERG – Set More Appointments with this AI Bot Mark Savant / Zach Hesterberg 25:25

Zach Hesterberg is the founder of Hesterberg Consulting, a marketing & consulting firm helping professional service providers use advertising, marketing funnels and ai to book more sales appointments and predictably scale their business.

Join us for an exciting conversation with Zach Hesterberg as he shares his insights on simple hacks to convert ads to appointments, AI appointment setter workflows, and the future of AI in sales.


  1. Use specific ad copy for qualified leads.
  2. AI tools like WooSender book more appointments.
  3. Targeted form questions filter leads.

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00:00 Wake up early to increase productivity.
03:24 Targeted ads focus on specific copywriting tactics.
08:41 Qualifying questions ensure financial suitability for services.
12:01 Automated sales team calendar and lead management.
15:10 Platform consistently drives higher bookings due to conversational approach.
17:58 Limitations in program prevent desired customization options.
22:40 Efficient, seamless processes for campaign workflows.
23:21 Send data to multiple platforms for safety.


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Mark is focused on revolutionizing podcasts by combining AI, automation, and human power. He helps podcasters implement cutting edge technology into their workflows and save massive amounts of time. He is the founder of podcast production agency Mark Savant Media, host of After Hours Entrepreneur, and leader of the After Hours Entrepreneur Mastermind.

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