1. MATT COX - AI, Privacy, & the Future of Crime Mark Savant / Matt Cox 2:10:53

Matt Cox is the host of Inside True Crime. He's a self-proclaimed con man and served 13 years in federal prison for a variety of bank fraud-related charges.

Welcome to After Hours Entrepreneur! In this episode, we dive deep into the world of journalism, artificial intelligence, ethics, and societal issues with insightful perspectives from our guest speakers. From discussing the impact of government press releases on media reporting to delving into the potential dangers of AI manipulation, our speakers navigate through a diverse range of thought-provoking topics. Join us as we explore the ethical considerations of AI technology, the challenges of navigating the media landscape, and the evolving dynamics of online relationships. This episode offers a captivating journey through the complexities of modern society and technology, providing valuable insights and food for thought for entrepreneurs and individuals alike.


  • Media Integrity and Manipulation
    • Impact of AI on Manipulating Information
  • AI, Technology, and Legal Implications
    • Misuse of AI in legal, marketing, and criminal activities
  • Technology and Privacy Concerns
    • Concerns about deep fakes and privacy
  • Technology Advancements and AI Applications
    • Potential uses and ethical considerations of AI in various industries
  • Legal and Social Repercussions
    • Legal consequences and social impact of false accusations and criminal charges


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