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David Kirkpatrick is a speed reading coach and founder of Reading 4 Results. He helps entrepreneurs and professionals read more so they become an unstoppable force in their industry.

In this episode David emphasizes the importance of reading to achieve success, stating that all successful people are avid readers. He highlights the low average reading rate of most individuals and offers strategies to improve reading speed and comprehension.

David suggests using a pen or finger as a pacer while reading, which keeps you focused and helps you read faster. He also recommends practicing eye movement techniques, like bouncing your eyes to capture multiple phrases at once and reducing subvocalization (the inner voice) to read more efficiently. To enhance comprehension, he encourages readers to visualize and emotionally engage with the content.

Moreover, David advises choosing physical books over digital ones for deeper understanding and retention. He emphasizes the need to slow down initially to eventually speed up reading proficiency. Finally, David mentions the power of mindset, motivation, and habit formation, recommending the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear as a must-read for personal growth.


  1. Discover why reading is essential for success and how to incorporate it into your daily routine
  2. Learn speed reading techniques to read more books in less time
  3. Gain insights on the difference between skimming and retention and how to read more effectively

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