1. August 2023 Income Report Mark Savant 15:12

August 2023 was less about sales and more about systems. The bulk of effort was onboarding new clients, upgrading systems, and training new team members.

Additionally, this was a month of building a more strategic vision. Where are the leaks and opportunities? Where do I want to take the business? What are the steps to get there?

Despite not being a killer sales and revenue month, this may perhaps have been the most important month in the life of the business. I took a step back to see what's working and what's not. There's less pressure to make money to pay bills, and more freedom to look at the business from 30,000 feet. 

So, here are the big questions I have for you.

  • Where are your margins highest?
  • Where are you spending to much time / money for to little return?
  • Where are the greatest opportunities to generate more income?

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