1. "Tri"ing to Improve Retirement AdventuRetired 41:51

In today's episode we meet Michael Drak, a retired tri-athlete, who has made an effort to get into his best shape ever and compete in a full triathlon.  His triathlon (3.8k /2.4 mile swim, 180k/112 mile  bike ride, and 42k/26.2 mile mile run) was held in Mexico.  Michael tells us how he trained for this amazing athletic feat and how he uses some of the same training methods to make his Retirement journey successful.  Get ready to be motivated!

We are Curt and Cindy Liljedahl and we love our retirement.  As retired  public school teachers with a combined total of 60 years in the classroom, we feel blessed to have  retired from jobs we loved at the age of 54.  Now on to other Adventures!