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July 2nd, 2024

S4E72: [Ruthie Thee Truth] From Despair to Triumph: Financial Strategies for Dads and Grads

  1. S4E72: [Ruthie Thee Truth] From Despair to Triumph: Financial Strategies for Dads and Grads Anthony Weaver 1:15:25

In this deeply Moving episode of ABOUT THAT WALLET, host Anthony Weaver reconnects with Ruthie Thee Truth, a financial wellness coach and goal-driven strategist. Ruthie opens up about her personal journey through Grief, mental health struggles, and the profound impact of losing loved ones. She shares her mission to make a positive financial impact on 800 dads and grads by 2024 through her innovative workbook designed to spark hope and foster Resilience.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The significance of the number 800 and its connection to financial wellness and growth.
  • Ruthie’s personal battles with mental health and how they inspired her to create tools for others.
  • The importance of asking, “How are you feeling?” and fostering mental health awareness.
  • Strategies to establish credit, get out of debt, and achieve financial freedom.

Ruthie’s story is a testament to the power of Resilience and the importance of community support. Whether you’re a dad, a grad, or someone seeking financial and emotional stability, this episode offers invaluable insights and actionable steps to help you on your journey.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:00 – Dealing with Survivor’s Guilt
00:02:21 – Setting Goals and Finding Purpose
00:05:54 – Overcoming Mental Health Challenges
00:12:09 – The Wheel of Life Workbook
00:14:27 – Intentional Conversations and Emotional Support
00:15:00 – Importance of Trust and Intentions
00:16:24 – Impact of Lack of Tools
00:19:35 – Mental Health and Survival
00:23:02 – Coping with Loss and Grief
00:27:51 – Loneliness and Seeking Help
00:29:13 – Support for Mental Health Crisis
00:31:27 – Gender Bias in Society
00:36:24 – Importance of Self-Guided Workbooks
00:40:18 – Personal Reflection and Legacy
00:43:33 – Cultural Identity and Travel Experiences
00:44:20 – Supporting Young Entrepreneurs
00:46:51 – Overcoming Challenges through Family Support
00:49:25 – Finding Peace and Hope Amidst Struggles
00:50:15 – Financial Resilience and Resourcefulness
00:53:14 – Empowering Others and Building Financial Success
00:58:02 – Supporting a Friend in Need
00:59:39 – The Power of Belief
01:01:12 – Paying It Forward
01:06:57 – Spiritual and Financial Success
01:09:46 – Never Give Up
01:12:35 – The Power of Healing Relationships
01:13:32 – Embracing Vulnerability
01:13:58 – Behind Closed Doors
01:14:28 – Living in Abundance
01:15:04 – Final Thoughts

Discover more about Ruthie and her mission:


YouTube: Ruthie the Truth

Instagram: @ruthiethetruth

LinkedIn: Ruthie the Truth

Facebook: Ruthie the Truth

Spotify: Dads and Grads Podcast


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