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July 10th, 2024

From Small Town to Hollywood: An Adoptee Filmmaker's Journey with Patrick Thies

  1. From Small Town to Hollywood: An Adoptee Filmmaker's Journey with Patrick Thies Lori Adams-Brown 51:24

Want to know how filmmaker Patrick Thies is creating impactful storytelling and making a difference through his work? Stay tuned as we dive into his inspiring journey and the unique perspectives he brings to the world of film. Get ready to be inspired by his dedication and passion for diverse and meaningful storytelling.

In this episode, you will be able to:

Navigating the New Normal: Launching Your Filmmaking Career Post-Covid.

  • Navigating the New Normal: Launching Your Filmmaking Career Post-Covid.
  • Discovering the Intriguing Impact of International Adoption on Identity Formation.
  • Tackling the Fentanyl Crisis: Unveiling the Potential of Film as a Catalyst for Change.
  • Unleashing Success: Mastering Strategies for Independent Filmmaking Triumph.

My special guest is Patrick Thies

Patrick Thies is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and film director based in North Hollywood, California. His professional expertise encompasses cinematography, video production, and drone operation. Patrick’s recent focus on addressing the fentanyl crisis through film reflects his commitment to using visual storytelling as a tool for social impact. As an adoptee from Lima, Peru, Patrick’s personal background adds a distinct and authentic dimension to his creative work. With a strong emphasis on leveraging advanced technology and a dedication to diverse and impactful narratives, Patrick brings a unique and valuable perspective to the filmmaking industry.

“It’s important to see that because that’s what our world is. We’re very diverse. Everyone is here. It should never just be one mold.”

– Patrick Thies

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:02 – Introduction to the Podcast

00:00:50 – Sponsorship by Betterhelp

00:01:40 – Introduction of Patrick Thies

00:02:32 – Conversations about California Weather

00:07:52 – Impact of Adoption on Filmmaking

00:13:07 – Dreaming of Machu Picchu

00:15:25 – Identity and Family Dynamics

00:17:02 – Racial Identity in South America

00:18:34 – Small Town Upbringing

00:20:23 – Challenges and Opportunities in Filmmaking

00:25:27 – The Cost of Creativity in the Film Industry

00:27:39 – Addressing the Fentanyl Crisis Through Film

00:29:01 – Humanizing Addicts and Addressing Community Apathy

00:32:39 – The Power of Film in Creating Empathy and Driving Change

00:35:25 – Importance of Diversity and Representation in Film

00:37:47 – Finding Empathy for the Villain

00:38:11 – Monsters Are Real

00:39:27 – Diversity on Screen and Behind the Scenes

00:41:29 – Overcoming Challenges and Finding Support

00:44:23 – Using Film to Create Awareness and Impact

Lori Adams-Brown Podcast Host & Producer

Lori Adams-Brown is Senior Manager, Global Leadership and Development in a Silicon Valley tech company, hosts the A World of Difference podcast, speaks internationally on global leadership development and sits on the board of Justice Revival where she is helping to pass the ERA with people of faith. As a former international relief & development leader, Lori has led diverse global teams in multiple cultures and has lived in Singapore, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, and the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently lives in Silicon Valley with her husband Jason and 3 teens.

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