Showing Up – Perspectives On Cancer"  is a wonderful livstream every Tuesday at 12:00pm pdt, 3:00pm edt co-hosted and co-founded By Tim Sohn, along with Erica Neubert Campbell.  It‘s been 16 years since Tim was diagnosed with blood cancer, and he is a huge advocate for cancer patients, cancer survivors, as well as family and caregivers of cancer patients.  

It is my honor to call Tim my friend, and he was named the Lymphoma Society’s "Man of the Yesr" for 2022.  Tim has also written a book, aptly named:  "Perspectives on Cancer".  It was my privilege to have contributed a chapter in this book.  
Here are Tim’s links:
Link to the "Perspectives On Cancer" book: 

Link to the YouTube channel:

Link to The Bloodline With LLS Podcast:

For information about the Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2023 in person Showing Up: Perspectives On Cancer event in Pennsylvania, contact Tim at

Please join us for this enlightening interview!

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I am a stage 4 prostate, bone, and lung cancer patient/thriver. I have been battling cancer since early 2021. I have a Youtube channel called @2byourownhero. I always look to inspire people to appreciate their life, and appreciate their health.