A big issue with cancer can be:  How does one navigate life when you or a loved one gets cancer?  How does life move forward?  How do family members deal with one of their members getting cancer?  
Undoubtedly, this can create a very difficult situation for everyone!  When someone gets cancer, it generally takes a team to help navigate the situation.  Love is unquestionably important.  Allowing a cancer patient to help navigate the journey is important as well.
Greg Fobbs lost his brother, who he loved dearly, and was very close to, while battling his own demons.  This is is a story of triumph, in the end, and how this man survived and learned from this horrible experience.   Here are Greg’s links:








Join us for this riveting interview!

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I am a stage 4 prostate, bone, and lung cancer patient/thriver. I have been battling cancer since early 2021. I have a Youtube channel called @2byourownhero. I always look to inspire people to appreciate their life, and appreciate their health.