No one wants to visit a dirty business, and no one wants to work in an unkempt workplace. Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene are critical for any company. If your business could use a little help, follow these awesome tips for promoting cleanliness in the workplace.

Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand

The best way to promote cleanliness and hygiene is to provide essential supplies. Keeping products readily available will dramatically improve the workplace because it makes cleaning easier. Some basic supplies to keep on hand include disinfectants, paper towels, sanitizers, a broom, a dustpan, and antibacterial soap. Furthermore, you can include industry-specific supplies like gloves, face masks, and certain cleaners.

Create Workplace Rules

Creating workplace rules is a smart tip for promoting cleanliness in the workplace. Depending on your industry, different cleaning practices will align with daily operations. For example, restaurants and coffee shops must follow specific rules. However, all businesses can benefit from policies that uphold a clean workplace. Here are some policies to consider:

  • Dispose of trash in garbage cans.

  • No food and drink outside the breakroom.

  • Sanitize workstations.

  • Clean up any spills.

Hire an External Cleaning Service

Running a business is a lot of work, and you may not always have the time to clean your facility. That’s where external services come to the rescue. To maintain your business, hire a cleaning service to tidy up the building. Commercial cleaning companies are excellent investments and time-savers, helping you get back to operating your company without worrying about a dirty facility.

Schedule Daily Cleaning

Cleanliness and hygiene practices are continuous efforts within the workplace. Instilling daily cleaning habits encourage employees to maintain the business. For day-to-day cleaning, it’s best to schedule set times for facility assessments. For example, keep your outdoor smoking shelter clean by implementing daily shelter checks. During these checks, you can replace trash bags, pick up litter, and wipe down benches. Of course, align daily cleaning with your business’s specific needs.

Educate Employees About Cleanliness

Your staff keeps the business afloat, and they utilize the facility every day. To care for the workplace, educate your employees about cleanliness. Discuss how the spread of germs can affect operations, mention good hygiene practices, and reiterate the importance of a well-maintained company.

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Michael D. Levitt Chief Burnout Officer

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