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We live in an age where it is possible to work from anywhere at any time – and if that is something you want to make the most of, then traveling to new cities and finding the best places to work might be high on your list. 

America is a hotspot for digital nomads, and one of the best places to head to is Florida. 

Here are some of the best places where you can set up your laptop, put your headphones in, and achieve great things. 

Why use coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces, no matter the city, state, or country, offer people the chance to meet people and socialize. Getting to know the people of the area quickly and enjoy some delicious coffee and food as you go. 

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stated that research showed that using coworking spaces increases focus, are often healthier, and perhaps more importantly, they complete tasks faster. 

This means that making the most of coworking spaces is something that could be highly beneficial for digital nomads who want to maximize their working day – without compromising comfort and exploration of the city they are in. 

Ginger Beard Coffee / Pour House, Tampa

Coffee in the morning and then a beer after a long day sound great? Well, Ginger Beard Coffee is the best place for you to go. You can enjoy some delicious coffee until 2 p.m., and then the taps switch to their own brewed beer, or you can enjoy their nitro cold brew. While you’re there, make the most of the culture, the sights, and the Tampa Convention Center.

You can find Ginger Beard Coffee at 1208 E, Kennedy BLVD, 112 Tampa.

WeWork Miami

Yes, the WeWork from the hit TV show – except it is highly recommended by anyone who books the space for a few hours or more of work. WeWork has multiple locations in Miami, so you can choose whichever you are closest to. 

You can use their WeWork On Demand or the WeWork All Access to use their co-working spaces, and they can all be managed by the app. WeWork On Demand allows you to book by the day or hour or buy an All Access to use any WeWork worldwide – great options for digital nomads. 

Büro Miami

Are you staying in Miami for a while and want to try out another location? The Büro Miami is a great option. They offer inspiring work spaces, artisan coffee, and high-speed internet. The day pass can be used at any of their locations, including Midtown, Coconut Grove, South Miami, Hollywood, Mimo, and South Beach. 

Büro is ideal for solo digital nomads and small teams alike, with its comfortable furniture, conference rooms, and workshops and events. 

When you work remotely, it is often the case that you get into a rut, and that can mean that you don’t make the most of what remote work allows you to do. But there is one thing that you always need to keep in mind when you hop on to different Wi-Fi connections in new places, and that is security: Maintaining Security In The Era Of Remote Working

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