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Office renovation is just as important as a home. You and your employees need to feel comfortable at work for physical and mental health reasons. You can work with your staff to ensure the right look and feel is designed and installed. So, here are some handy tips.

Work to a Concept

It can take some time to choose colors and materials. And your designer will work with you on these. But an office overhaul must also be functional and designed around the needs of your employee workflow. And this must also be considered between floors and departments. For example, specialist services such as Livers Bronze offer commercial handrails that meet practical needs as well as fitting with the overall business aesthetic that you wish to achieve.

Ask Employees for Opinions

There’s nothing quite like feedback and input for a large-scale project. And the best people you can ask about redesigning the office are your employees. Your workers are the ones who are there day in and day out on all levels. Therefore, they can offer valuable insights into problem areas to be fixed, the kinds of colors they feel comfortable in, and any health and wellness features you could include. For example, female staff might wish for a breastfeeding area.

Allocate a Budget for Office Renovation

Like anything your business does, a renovation needs a budget. Work with what’s available and present your ideas to your contractor. You will be able to come up with a design that suits both what you want and what can be achieved. You can also cushion your budget by rounding up exact figures so there’s always a little wriggle room after a contractor quote. But it also helps to ensure you still have cash available for staying productive through the renovation process.

Stick to Eco-Friendly Goals

A renovation at your business is the perfect time to enhance some of those eco-friendly policies you have been trying to install. For example, you can use recycled materials in facades and floorings. You can even use upcycled furniture. And why not take the opportunity to install LED lights across the site? By doing this, you further commit to the corporate mission statement, which presumably has a lengthy environmental policy. This will also likely save you some cash.

Get the Right Permissions

Before you do anything, however, always work on getting the necessary permits to carry out work. There are many restrictions when it comes to public buildings and places of work. And you can’t just do what you want if you are renting your office space. A quick makeover is usually OK and doesn’t require permission except from the site owner. But any plumbing, gas, electrical, and structural work will need permits. Your contractor can usually obtain these permits for you.


An office renovation is more or less the same as a home one. But it helps to work to your office needs, allocate a healthy budget, and make sure you get the correct permits to start any work.

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