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Is it feasible to go into a room, command attention immediately, and not even have to utter a word? Is it enough to make eye contact and give someone a firm handshake to express that you are confident and capable? The key is to have an executive presence, and this is not something that can only be achieved by seasoned CEOs or charismatic politicians. Let’s get into the art of creating an executive presence at work, with a focus on how Millennials and Generation Z work differently than previous generations.

The Mysterious Art of Executive Presence

Have you ever watched a movie in which the entrance of the protagonist into a room causes time to appear to stand still? This is how having an executive presence makes one feel. It’s almost as if you have an aura that people can’t see that says, “I know what I’m doing.” But how exactly do you cultivate such a miraculous quality? Especially if you are a member of Generation Y or Generation Z, which are sometimes referred to as the tech-savvy and carefree generations.

Do not be concerned; you are not the only one going through this. Let’s work together to figure out what the mystery is all about, step by step.

Be the Visual Symphony Through Your Body Language

Keep in mind that they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Your body language conveys information about you in much the same way as a Moving picture reel would. It is really necessary to coordinate your actions with the Image that you wish to convey.

Consider making it a habit to stand tall, maintain eye contact, extend a firm handshake, and employ movements that convey confidence when you interact with others. It’s similar to dance in that once you master the moves, they become ingrained in your body.

Communication: The key to achieving your goals

What would a symphony be without its memorable melodies? Communication is where you get to “sing your song” and express your ideas, thoughts, and feelings to others.

Advice for taking Action: Ensure that your speech is both clear and succinct. Involve other people in the conversation by asking them open-ended questions. Imagine that you are playing tennis with your communication; you need to keep the ball Moving in both directions.

Emotional Intelligence Serves as the Conductor of the Orchestra

The conductor is the only member of the orchestra who does not play an instrument but is responsible for leading it. Similar to logical intelligence, emotional intelligence doesn’t draw attention to itself but rather subtly shapes the environment around it.

Tip for action: Develop your capacity for empathy, pay attention while you listen, and respond with deliberation. You are like a gardener who knows when a plant needs to be watered when it needs to be pruned, and when it needs to be left alone to flourish on its own.


It is not necessary to imitate the actions of another executive in order to build your own executive presence. Finding your own rhythm, style, and soul, and then expressing all of those things with grace and self-assurance, is the goal here. It’s time for Generations Y and Z to step into the spotlight! Consider putting these suggestions into practice, and you will soon become a master of your executive presence. You are talented; now show the world what you’ve got!


What exactly is meant by the term “executive presence,” and why is it so vital for members of Generations Y and Z?

A combination of one’s appearance, their ability to communicate, and their emotional intelligence is what constitutes executive presence. This presence expresses both confidence and competence. It is essential for members of Generation Y and Generation Z to establish this in order to shatter preconceptions and excel in their professional lives.

Is executive presence something that can be taught, or is it something that comes naturally?

Absolutely, there is a way to master it! It requires practice, patience, and perseverance, just like learning to play a musical instrument does.

What is the first thing that needs to be done in order to develop an executive presence?

Begin by gaining an awareness of yourself. Acquire an understanding of the message you wish to deliver, then make it a priority to ensure that your body language, communication, and emotional intelligence reflect that message.

Is there a certain dress code for executives to follow?

Dressing appropriately is a factor that contributes to your total Image, despite the fact that it is not the defining aspect. Imagine that you are trying to pick out the perfect outfit for a performance.

Where else besides work can I get experience with these skills?

The best way to improve is to practice! Participate in activities with friends and family, become active in local clubs and organizations, and purposefully hone these abilities in a variety of environments. It’s just like going through the motions before the big performance!

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Michael Levitt Chief Burnout Officer

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