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Planning home upgrades and repairs of any nature can sometimes feel chaotic. Through timely planning, you can help reduce the amount of Clutter inside your home and help prepare your family for the project. In this article, we discuss how to prepare your home for a window replacement.

Ensure the Installation Team Has Free Access

Clearing a path to ensure the installation team can freely access the windows that need replacement will help the installation process go smoothly. If your house is messy, this can burden the installation team unnecessarily by adding obstacles to their path. Additionally, any furniture around the installation site could also inhibit the team’s work, as they need space for their crew and supplies.

To help the installation team navigate and work in your home with ease, clean up and map out set paths the team can use to get through your home.

Remove Your Window Treatments

There are a series of questions you will want to ask your installation company before the project takes off, but a simple one is how you can assist in the installation process. When you ask this, many companies may request that you remove window treatments—such as blinds, curtains, and shutters.

While many companies do this for you, doing it yourself will save time and ensure the treatments aren’t damaged during the removal process. Some people may prefer you to remove them from your windows, while others may do this for you.

Monitor the Energy Demands

Depending on the time of year you schedule a window replacement project, you may want to consider monitoring the energy demands to prepare your home financially. For example, if it’s the dead of winter and your home is open to the cold air during the installation process, your heating system will have to use more energy to keep your home warm. To avoid high energy bills, consider scheduling installations for months that aren’t too cold or hot.

Prepare the Flooring

The installation team will be wearing work-appropriate gear, which can include heavy-duty footwear. Since the team will be walking in and out of your home frequently, they will track in debris and possibly scratch or scuff your floor with their shoes and equipment.

To avoid any damage or excessive mess, prepare your floors by laying out drop cloths or some other protective layer.

If you schedule a window replacement, be sure to prepare your home accordingly. Doing so will save time for both you and the installation team and will ensure a smooth process.

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