Poet’s Bio: Carolyn L. Robinson knew early on where her talents and
interests lay and has been performing on stage as well as writing since the age
of twelve.  Carolyn has published eight
poetry books to date in addition to having her poetry published in several
anthologies as well.  She is committed to
keeping the arts alive in the communities around Baltimore.  She recently started an open mic out of her
home.  It is called CJ’s Place and has
already had some amazing artists come through and bless the mic.   


She is developing a new writing
workshop focused primarily on the key artists associated with the Harlem
Renaissance. She is also continuing to grow her open mic and may be looking at
expanding it to a commercial property soon. 

You can find her on social media on FB under All That Drama Productions as well as Carolyn L. Robinson/Author or on IG @lovepoet18. She currently lives in Baltimore,


Deliah Lawrence: What inspired you
to be a poet?

Carolyn L. Robinson: I was an avid reader and always enjoyed reading
poetry and romantic novels.  The two kind
of naturally came together.


DL: Is there any particular poet,
author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

CLR: The first two books that
really made a difference for me was Maya Angelou’s – I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings and
Ntozake Shange’s – For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the
Rainbow is Enough
.  Maya Angelou’s
book for its rawness and honesty and I learned from Ntozake that I could say
whatever I wanted to exactly how I wanted to say it and it was okay.


DL: If you were hosting a dinner
party which three poets would be your dream guests and why?

CLR: Definitely Ntozake
Shange because I always felt like we would be good friends if we were to ever
meet.  I am sad that is no longer a
possibility.  I would also like to invite
Nikita Gill (alive and well! And still possible) and probably if he were alive
most definitely Langston Hughes.  I just
admire him and his writing so much.


DL: What are three fun facts
about yourself?

CLR: The three fun facts
about myself are:

  1. I really do believe that I can do
    all things through Christ!  I live that
    and believe it with my whole being!
  2. I am super creative!  My mind is always on GO regarding ideas and
    coming up with strategies for doing something new.
  3. I always wished I could dance, but I
    don’t have any rhythm.  Still, it didn’t
    stop me from trying!

DL: In celebration of National
Poetry Month, can you share with us a few of your poems?

CLR: Sure, here you go:


Ain’t Love Grand

Ain’t love grand?

The way it leaps in bounds,

The way it overlooks imperfections,

The way it creeps into your

tiny crevices and drops bombs

that will explode at will.


Ain’t love grand?

The way it chases you

Runs wholeheartedly after you

Even when you treat it bad,

do it wrong

Watch it retreat-

Move away from you for years

And just when you think it’s dead
and gone

it pulls a youie on your heart

And says I love you all over again.

It’s quite amazing that way.


Ain’t love grand?

The way it speaks without making a

Every gesture, flutter of the eyes,

Squeeze of the hand

Nod of the head

Clearly says something precious.


Ain’t love grand?

How it chooses

the oddest places to gather

and summon more of itself-

At bedsides-

in churches-

At front doors –

At gravesides-

It becomes a blanket around our feet

A book of stories,

And if you wait patiently,

Sit still for just a minute,

You can feel it brush against you

Become spirit and air

And tell you that you are loved.



Choose Joy


I am slowly realizing what joy is.

It is a grateful heart. It is understanding what could be
but isn’t.

It is a living thing.

A thing we choose to add to our mornings,

Choose to bring to our afternoon picnics and sit at our
dinner table like a centerpiece.

It is in the smiles we give away-

In the thank you’s and please and I’m sorry’s we pass

It is the price we pay to take away the sadness

we feel when people hurt us or treat us badly or even when
people die and we can’t pretend to be happy any longer-

It is then we must choose joy;

Choose happiness in spite of what we feel and I know that’s

But today,

Just for this moment,

Let’s collectively choose joy.

Choose happiness.

Choose life.

The kind that bubbles over. That melts your heart. That
begins and ends with love.

Choose it for yourself. And let’s just see what happens.


Readers can learn more about me and
my work at:    

DL: Thanks so much for being
here with us today. I know my readers will enjoy getting to know you and your

CLR: Thank you!

Originally Published on https://vocalexpressions.blogspot.com

Deliah Lawrence Attorney, Author, Blogger, Workshop Facilitator

Deliah Lawrence is a Maryland-based attorney and award-winning author of two romantic suspense novels (Gotta Let It Go and Gotta Get It Back) set in Baltimore. She’s also a blogger and workshop facilitator who writes poetry and short stories.

When Deliah isn’t writing, you can find her reading a book, indulging in her addiction to investigation discovery shows; or painting her yet-to-be exhibited oil artworks of landscapes, portraits or whatever else comes to her creative mind. Constantly on the go, she is also a member of the Black Writers’ Guild of Maryland and Sisters in Crime.